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Our Process

At Corey Stein Films, we are committed to developing high quality original content based upon collaboration between the client and Corey Stein Films team. With our many available creative add-ons, such as our custom script work, original music, and special effects, we strive to make every project feel individual and the best representation of your business.

Wondering what working with us would look like?

This is our process:







  • Project consultation and questionnaire

  • Determine creative add-ons and pricing

  • Location scouting

  • Develop storyboard, shot lists, and pacing

  • Set a realistic timeline based on weather conditions and sun angles

  • Coordinate any necessary supplemental actors

  • Determine clothing options, hair, and makeup 

  • Begin filming

  • Begin editing and incorporating creative add-ons

          o   Original composed music

          o   On-screen text and logo animation

          o   Intro and Outro effects

  • Project is shown to client for final edits

  • Final edits and polish

  • Complete project and deliver to client

Our Expertise

Every project is made distinct with our selection of creative add-ons.

Take a look at what we can offer you:

Music note

Original Music Composition

  • Custom, made-to-order score for every video. We will never use the same track twice and it will never come from a stock website. Everything is designed and made in house.

  • Special focus is put on creating music that fits the pacing and style of your video, and we will enhance this by also including foley and other sound effects.


Drone Operations

  • Our licensed and insured operators have flown in all areas of New England, including mountains, coastlines, downtown and residential areas, and even indoor spaces.


  • Drones capture striking perspectives that will elevate the visual quality of your video.

Original Script Writing

  • Our experienced and award-winning screenwriters will build upon the information you provide and develop a narrative that hooks viewers in and keeps them engaged.

  • We are a highly collaborative group who encourage script edits. Every script will be written specifically for your project and will fit the desired style, tone, and pace.

Social Media Management

  • Compelling written content is the backbone of your online identity. At Corey Stein Films, we strive to make your digital presence the best that it can be, which is why our clients receive curated plans that match their specific goals.

  • From website overhauls and scheduled social media postings, to mission statements, company bios, and more, our talented team of writers will always find the right words for you.

Special Effects

  • Our team of experienced animators can create 2D/3D logo animations, 3D modeling, motion graphics, as well as VFX, simulations, particles, and rigs.

  • We offer a variety of compositing services, including rotoscoping, chroma keying, color grading, and color correction, just to name a few.

Schedule a (free) consultation with us to learn more about all our creative add-ons!

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