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Video Production

Corey Stein Films produces cinematic and thoroughly conceptualized video works that are original, creative, and the perfect example of you and your business. Every project is designed from the ground up to be the best representation of the client’s interests, allowing for each individual frame to feel unquestionably you.

Perfectly Profile Your Brand

Every business is made up of individuals with a story, and we’d like to highlight yours.


Our custom-made profiles are the perfect way to spotlight your personal and professional journey, and can include interviews, voiceover, on-screen text, testimonials, archival materials, and so much more.


Together, we’ll create a lasting profile that is distinct, polished, and the best reflection of your hard work.

Bring In New Business

Whether you’re just starting out or already well-established, we approach every business with the same key focus: tell a story.


From product tutorials to grand overviews of your entire company, we do it all. Our original scriptwork can incorporate your company history, team members, products, services, and more.


Everything will be beautifully enhanced by way of carefully planned camerawork and a mix of interviews and voiceover.

Location, Location, Location

The best way to market a property is with stunning and eye-catching visuals.


Our sophisticated camera techniques will give life to your space. By storyboarding every shot, incorporating natural light and sweeping aerial views, and tying everything together with original music, even a simple location transforms into something truly memorable.